Salt & Water Magazine: Godley Skateboards...

If you haven't heard of Rutledge Godley of Godley Skateboards in Charleston, SC then you are missing out. This guy creates some sweet handmade skateboards and is an all around great guy. I had the pleasure of photographing him for the current issue of Salt & Water Magazine which is out now! We spent a couple days hanging out skating and sharing stories. 

I also shot my first piece of motion work with Rutledge, which you can see below. I've always loved the moving image and I'm looking forward to adding more motion work to by portfolio. This was a particularly tricky piece to shoot, I've skated most of my life but typically with me hands free. So having a heavy piece of camera equipment along with the ride was a little different and gave for some good stories and entertaining outtakes.

If you're interested in getting a handmade skateboard, give Rutledge a shout and he'll hook you up: