Wall Street Journal - Chef Mike Lata

I happen to do a lot of work with chef's and I find that they are all very focused and always interested in doing new and inspiring things with their food and restaurants. Mike Lata is no exception to this. His two restaurants FIG and The Ordinary here in Charleston are wonderful and pushing the culinary scene around town. 

I had the pleasure of photographing his home for the second time recently for The Wall Street Journal. As always Mike was very welcoming and up for letting us do our thing and whatever we needed. We got some great images and had a good time as always. 

Below is the tearsheet from the printed edition. You can see the online edition here.

Till next time Chef! 

Here's a few extra's that weren't published online...

And here are a few of my favorite images from the first shoot I did at Chef's house for another publication just over a year ago...

Better late then never!

It's been quite some time since I did any bloggin. A lots been going on: lots of shoots, baby, travel, new gear, etc.. you get the idea. Life gets busy and it's hard to keep up!

I will admit I do miss sharing the work from different shoots and the adventures I get to experience. So I will be starting this up again and doing a wide variety of posts. Everything from tear sheets of my work for editorial and advertising clients, BTS information and photos to personal work and projects. There will also be possible gear reviews and info on what I shoot with. I know a lot of people are interested in what professionals use and why, and there's no reason not to divulge that info!

So stay tuned for more to come. In the meantime enjoy these images from some recent shoots...